Thursday, February 19, 2015

Quaker Records for Canada Just Added to -- Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!!

It was not there last night but today not so long ago I discovered that has added Quaker Meeting Records, 1787-1988, for Canada.

This database collection includes not only digital images but also an searchable index. YEAH!

Based on what I have seen in the database, the records were digitized from the black and white microfilm copies of the original books. I used a set of these same microfilms while at the Archives of Ontario on a trip a few years ago. I made a lot of progress in my research from that trip and now I expect to make even more thanks to this searchable index.

I have already discovered what appears to be a request for a removal certificate for my fifth great grandfather. (I'm not sure if we found this on our trip since I have not finished processing my finds.) His son with the same name had long returned to New York. And only one child lived in this particular area and none of his family carried the same name as my fifth great grandfather. So it is looking good that I found him. I just need to analyze everything more carefully.

Of course that leaves the question still: what happened to fifth great grandmother? Hopefully, I'll find out soon.

As a side note, I am still working on my Clean-Up My Act but my progress was severely slowed by a presentation I was asked to give earlier this month and participation in creating a beginning genealogy workshop. Just last night I was able to make some progress on the next Clean Up My Act step I had planned to take a few weeks ago. Hopefully, these Quaker records are not too much of a "follow the bunny down the hole" distraction and I keep to my intended Clean up My Act work this week.

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