Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 26, 2015: the 2nd Anniversary of this Blog and Back to Blogging ... I Hope?

Today is the Second Anniversary of this blog.

Those various forces pulling me this way and that way with my time won out in the end by the time March rolled onto the calendar. (Is it really August already?)

What little time between things that I have had for my own genealogy I tried to focus on one rather large family. But some free database time at the beginning of July (not to be wasted when the opportunity arises) opened a rather large bunny hole and temporarily moved my focus to the generation just before this family.

The online bunny hole has just about ended because some pieces of this new puzzle are missing -- records are not online. Is the search over? No, I have gone offline searching. I ordered/rented the needed records which were microfilmed by the LDS/FamilySearch and the reels arrived this past weekend. Now I have to find a day to go view them.

I'm not too upset that I haven't followed my plans because thanks to the start I got from that free database access I have more knowledge and insight into a few earlier branches of my tree now than I had prior. If I had not altered my plan I would have lost the opportunity for gaining that knowledge.

Though my first year of blogging was not too bad, this second year did not go so well. After doing well the first three months of this year, those multiple things pulling me in different ways won out. It is not that I did not have ideas of what to blog about, it is that I did not have enough time to sit down and write. Here's the run down of my blogging efforts this past year.

August 2014 - 4 posts
September 2014 - 2 posts
October 2014 - 1 posts
November 2014 - 0 posts
December 2014 - 0
January 2015 - 3 posts
February 2015 - 3 posts
March 2015 - 3 posts
April 2015 - 0 posts
May 2015 - 0 posts
June 2015 - 0 posts
July 2015 - 0 posts
August 2015 - 1 posts (so far)

I can't say this year that those zeros were the result of illness, it was a healthier but busier year for me. Hopefully, I can make a plan and have a better third year of blogging and get these various post ideas out of my head.

Overall from the very beginning, there has been 37 posts (38 if you count this one) and 5,027 views logged. As many are aware, not every method of viewing/visiting a blog is counted in that meter.

Thanks for reading.

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