Saturday, January 16, 2016

Update 2016: How Many Ancestors Do You Know? Count Your Genealogy Numbers

It is that time of year again when some of us take stock and determine what are our genealogy numbers.

Now this is not a who has the most "cards" or people in our genealogy program scenario. But rather a look at how many direct ancestors do you know in each generation where you know a first and last name OR at least a first name AND that you have some documentation to go with that linking generation to generation.
My Genealogy Numbers Form

This is the third year I have counted "My Genealogy Numbers." You can find my 2014 numbers and 2015 numbers at their respective posts.

The reality is that very, very few -- if any of us -- will have all 100% results all the way back through the generations. Natural disasters, people, and a simple lack of recording information have a way of keeping us from the answers we seek. But still we try.

So have I learned anything or found any new direct ancestors since last year? Yes.

Among my 7th great grandparents in the tenth generation I decided one grandmother did not meet my proof requirement so I decided to remove her from my tally causing my percentage to fall a little. I did however add four more 9th great grandparents; two more 10th great grandparents; and three more 11th great grandparents. I also have two 12th great grandparents now!

Looking back, research in 2015 did not go too bad even if I did not have as much time to spend researching. One thing that helped me last year was the New England Historic Genealogical Society giving free access on its website to a few databases that are not part of the normal society membership. That got me researching further back on some lines that I had not gotten to yet. The addition of more digitized wills and probates at and websites also helped.

My Genealogy Numbers at the Start of 2016.

So how did I do this year with my Genealogy Numbers?

Most of my numbers went up in the more distant generations. So "My Overall Identified Ancestors Total and Overall Percentage" now stands at 229 and .70% going back to my fifteenth generation or 12th great grandparents level. Most others have been comparing their numbers at the 10th generation level and in that case my numbers went down slightly -- 193 ancestors out of 1023 total or 18.87%. (That one 7th great grandmother I removed.)

I made the form I use is in Microsoft Word and it will automatically calculate the percentages with a right-click of the mouse. You can find my form and learn how to count your genealogy numbers on my 2014 Genealogy Numbers post.

So if the genealogy angels/fairies are still reading I have a few more requests in regards to my research ... like a few third great grandparents I would really like to learn more about including their lineage. That would really help my numbers.

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