Friday, August 26, 2016

Today this Blog is 3 Years Old!

This Blog is 3 Years Old Today!
Though not many (14) this past year, I feel really good about the quality of the blog posts I wrote this year.

I have a long list of ideas to write about but time has been in short supply. Life has been busy and a family emergency back in April with slow recovery from it limits my time. So when I have a little free time it mostly has been put to use on my Dunham line and getting that research entered and organized.

I really am working on that last land petitions post. I had hoped to have it done for today but life interrupted again.

Here's a review:

August 2015 - 3 posts
September 2015 - 0 posts
October 2015 - 0 posts
November 2015 - 0 posts 
December 2015 - 0 posts
January 2016 - 3 posts
February 2016 - 0 posts
March 2016 - 5 posts
April 2016 - 3 posts
May 2016 - 3 posts
June 2016 - 0 posts
July 2016 - 0 posts
August 2015 - 1 posts (so far)

Overall from the very beginning, there has been 54 posts (55 if you count this one) and 11,709 views logged. As many are aware, not every method of viewing/visiting a blog is counted in that meter. But I also think the stats are being messed with based on traffic sources.  

Thanks for reading.

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