Saturday, July 1, 2017

1867: My Ancestors Living in Canada

I spotted this on Gail Dever’s blog who said it first came from Patricia Greber’s My Genealogy Life blog.

It’s Canada’s 150th Birthday this year and today is Canada Day, so here is my list of ancestors living in Canada in the year 1867. I’m keeping it simple for me by just covering my direct ancestors.

This one was a bit difficult as the year 1866 brought the death of my fourth great grandfather that began a dramatic change in this family with the eight surviving children continuing to scatter with the winds until not long after 1867 only two children remained in Ontario.

Arrival Date
Where First Settled
Martha Dunham Rider
Fourth Town (Adolphustown,) Lennox, Ontario
Mahlia Rider Vincent
Sarah Vincent

I have a variety of collateral lines in Ontario at this time too but I do not have the time to list them all today. Perhaps another time.

Happy Birthday Canada and Happy Canada Day!

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